locally owned and operated, full service real estate title and settlement company

Starting the real estate closing process:

 Factfinders and/or Foxxview Title and Settlement will need a copy of the fully ratified Real Estate Contract, including signature receipt of the Earnest Money Deposit, along with your clients’ contact information, to begin to process the closing.   Please provide this a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the closing date.  For the fastest service, this information should be emailed to
NOTE:  If your client can’t attend the closing meeting in our office, please let our staff know as soon as possible.

Our communication with your client:

Our goal is to contact your client shortly after receipt of the information and documentation mentioned above. We will provide your client with a Transaction Timeline and will be copied to you in our email.  The Transaction Timeline has valuable information for your client and sets expectations throughout the closing.

Changes to the contract:

Any changes in terms of the contract, such as Sales Price, Seller Paid Closing Costs, Closing Date should be provided to the Escrow Officer as soon as you are aware.  These items affect may parties in the transaction and when and how they process closings.  We appreciate your help with this!

Commission Checks:  

We understand that your commission check is very important to you.  Please understand that THE BUYERS SETTLEMENT AGENT NORMALLY DISBURSES THE COMMISSION CHECKS.  If Factfinders or Foxxview is disbursing the commissions and you would like to pick it up at our office, please let us know. Otherwise, we will overnight, hand deliver (if you are close enough), or wire the funds to your companies account after the deed is recorded.