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Title professionals also conduct the settlement and/or closing of the property sale or refinance. For most transactions, the process requires more than 100 time-consuming steps. These might include reviewing the contract or closing instructions, depositing loan funds, paying off prior mortgages, coordinating property inspections, preparing HUD-1 settlement statements, among many others. We then coordinate and finalize documents, close the transaction, and submit pertinent documents for proper recordation in public records.

Refinancing A Home
Once you decide to refinance and you’re approved by a lender, you’ll need to decide which title company you want to work with on your transaction. And since the point of refinancing is to reduce your stress level, you need to be sure you’re working with a title company that won’t increase it (like US!)   Factfinders and Foxxview will make the closing process a breeze.

Credits between 15% and 40% may be available on the new title policy when you refinance within seven years of the original financing. Contact us for more details.

Buying/Selling A Home

Title companies assist in the settlement or closing of the sale of a home.

Some items we will need from the selling agent are:

  • A copy of the sales contract and all addenda;
  • Copy of multiple listing printout;
  • Name and phone number of loan officer;
  • Name and phone number of listing agent;
  • Name and phone number of purchaser(s);
  • Marital status of purchasers;
  • Termite report, if to be obtained by purchaser;
  • Advise if a power of attorney will be needed for settlement.

If you are the buyer, be sure to bring the following to closing:

  • A current government issued photo ID such as a passport, driver’s license or military ID card
    (bring 2 forms of ID)
  • A certified or cashier’s check, made payable to FactFinders Escrow or FoxxView Escrow, or WIRE, for the amount specified.
    This amount usually includes the balance of your down payment, closing costs and attorney fees.

If you are the seller, be sure to bring the following to closing:

  • A current government issued photo ID such as a passport, driver’s license or military ID card;
  • Your social security number for 1099 reporting;
  • House keys to all doors and garage door openers, if applicable.

In the weeks following closing, the buyer will receive the original deed that has been recorded and their
owner’s title insurance policy, if purchased, paid for at closing.

Starting the real estate closing process:

If you are ready to start the real estate closing process, Factfinders Foxxview Title and Settlement will need a copy of the fully ratified Real Estate Contract (including signature receipt of the Earnest Money Deposit) and the home-buyer’s contact information to begin to process the closing.   Please provide this a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the closing date.  For the fastest service, this information should be emailed to
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Factfinders Title & Settlement and Foxxview Title & Abstract are full service real estate closing, title, and settlement companies.